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Our Trilogy pack is, by far, the most value for your money. By purchasing all 3 of our dual extraction tinctures at a discounted rate, you can dive into full-spectrum wellness and uplevel your mind and body potential!

  • Lion’s Mind
  • Immune Shield
  • Fountain of Youth

Many of the benefits from all 3 tinctures include:

  • Improved memory and concentration*
  • Promotes neurogenesis*
  • Aids in fatigue and stress reduction*
  • May enhance physical performance and energy*
  • May increase libido*
  • Promotes immune cell activity*
  • Promotes defense against common colds and infections*
  • Helps ward off allergies*
  • Promotes the reduction of stress-induced inflammation*
  • Supports Cardiovascular (heart) health*
  • Supports proper blood sugar modulation*
  • Aids in digestion*
  • Aids in blood pressure maintenance*
  • Promotes clear and glowing complexion*
  • Promotes thick and shiny hair and nails*
  • Helps ward off cellular damage*
  • Promotes blood sugar stabilization*
  • promotes lower cholesterol*
  • Improved and relaxed mood*
  • Improved digestion*
  • Liver support*
  • Improved sleep*
  • May alleviate chest congestion*
  • Helps to shield your nervous system*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


How to take

Take 1 dropper full (approx 45drops) twice daily for maximum results.

You can drop the tincture under your tongue and let it sit for a moment or two before swallowing.

Or drop it into your coffee, smoothie, or any other favorite beverage! 

* Lion's Mind tincture should not be taken close to bedtime*

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