Trilogy Pack

Trilogy Pack

Our Trilogy pack is, by far, the most value for your money. By purchasing all 3 of our dual extraction tinctures at a discounted rate, you can dive into full-spectrum wellness and level up your mind and body potential!

    Shiitake, Oyster, Chaga, Maitake,Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi
    Best for:

    💠 Synergistic Effects*
    🌈 Full Spectrum*
    🍄 Dual Extraction*
    📦 Convenience*
    💲 Cost Effective*

    How to take:
    - Take 1 dropper full (approx 45drops) twice daily for maximum results.
    - You can drop the tincture under your tongue and let it sit for a moment or two before swallowing.
    - Or drop it into your coffee, smoothie, or any other favorite beverage!
    (Lion's Mind tincture should not be taken close to bedtime)
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

    Our Trilogy pack is, by far, the most value for your money. By purchasing all 3 of our dual extraction tinctures at a discounted rate, you can dive into full-spectrum wellness and uplevel your mind and body potential!

    - Lion’s Mind

    - Immune Shield

    - Fountain of Youth

    ‍Many of the benefits from all 3 tinctures include:

    • Supports cognitive function*

    • Supports brain health*

    • Supports energy and stress management*

    • Supports physical performance and energy levels*

    • Supports overall vitality*

    • Supports immune system health*

    • Supports overall wellness*

    • Supports a balanced immune response*

    • Supports a balanced response to stress*

    • Supports heart health*

    • Supports metabolic health*

    • Supports digestive health*

    • Supports a healthy complexion*

    • Supports healthy hair and nails*

    • Provides antioxidant support*

    • Supports overall wellness*

    • Supports a balanced mood*

    • Supports digestive health*

    • Supports liver health*

    • Supports restful sleep*

    • Supports respiratory health*

    • Supports nervous system health*


    💠 Synergistic Effects: Using the supplements in combination may create synergistic effects, enhancing their overall efficacy. The Trilogy Pack is designed to work harmoniously, potentially amplifying the individual benefits of each supplement when taken together.

    🌈 Full Spectrum: Each supplement in the Trilogy Pack may target different aspects of health, contributing to a broad spectrum approach to wellness. This comprehensive strategy addresses various facets of physical and mental well-being, promoting a more balanced and integrated approach to your personal health care. 

    🍄 Dual Extraction: The dual extraction process for mushrooms refers to a specialized method of extracting bioactive compounds, including both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble constituents, from medicinal mushrooms. This process involves using both water and alcohol to extract a broader spectrum of beneficial compounds, ensuring a more comprehensive representation of the mushroom's therapeutic properties.

    📦 Convenience: Purchasing the Trilogy Pack offers the convenience of having all the necessary supplements in one bundle. This eliminates the need to source and purchase each product separately, streamlining your health regimen and simplifying your daily routine.

    💲Cost Effective: The Trilogy Pack offers a discounted rate compared to buying each supplement individually. This means we pass the savings on to you. 

    Shiitake: Click here to learn more

    Oyster: Click here to learn more

    Chaga: Click here to learn more

    Lion's Mane: Click here to learn more

    Cordyceps: Click here to learn more

    Reishi: Click here to learn more

    Turkey Tail: Click here to learn more

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    What Our Customers Say
    Based on 44 Reviews:

    Take it every morning and have noticed a big difference in my energy level and focus!

    Matt D.

    Lion's Mind

    Since starting this product I have been feeling healthy and it gives me peace of mind that I am actively protecting my self naturally.

    Armando P.

    Immune Shield

    This product has my skin feeling a lot smoother and healthier! Love it!

    Manny P.

    Fountain of Youth

    The 3 pack is priced well and the combination of using these everyday has been great!

    Manny P.

    Trilogy Pack

    This supplement has helped keep me healthy, especially during flew season. The Immune Shield supplement has the perfect mixture of different mushrooms that have so many healthy benefits. Highly recommended supplement!

    Saydrin D.

    Immune Shield

    Since taking the Fountain of Youth supplement my hair has grown so fast, my completion has been clear, and my nails are strong and healthy. I have seen physical changes that prove the effectiveness of this supplement! Amazing buy and highly recommended!

    Reese W.

    Fountain Of Youth

    I love putting a few drops of each of these supplements in my morning water or smoothie. Each supplement has its own benefits, and when I take each of them everyday I have never felt better. I highly recommend the trilogy pack!

    Dylan W.

    Trilogy Pack

    There's probably never been a more important time to take steps to strengthen our immunity right than right now, and I'm so happy I found this product, which does just that!

    Matt D.

    Immune Sheild

    Ever since I’ve taken this product I never get sick anymore!!! Yay!

    Kathy M.

    Immune Sheild

    Life changing!!! Wish I had found this sooner

    Brooklyn D.

    Lion's Mind

    A friend recommended this to me. I’m a senior and my memory hasn’t been as sharp as it had been in earlier years. I I noticed a difference after several weeks of using Lion’s Mind. My memory has dramatically improved and I feel alert and more comfortable participating in conversations. I’m recommending this to other friends and family.

    Susan D.

    Lion's Mind

    One of my favorite supplements! This is the real deal! My health has improved dramatically ever since introducing this tincture into my daily life!! I don’t get sick anymore the way I used to!

    Noemi R.

    Immune Sheild

    Absolutely worth a try, you will be impressed by the quick benefits. Anyone who values their health and can't afford being sick, will love this!

    Andrew D.

    Immune Sheild

    Lion’s Mind is a awesome product, I use it everyday

    Jarryd G.

    Lion's Mind

    Fantastic supplement. It’s improved my metal clarity beyond belief and that’s an understatement

    Ali W.

    Lion's Mind

    The pack is the move to make! I am so happy I have all three, as they each have their special benefits and play a big part in my overall health and life!

    Ricky C.

    Trilogy Pack

    I’ve always been concerned about my health and I heard such good things about immune shield, it definitely have me on the right right!

    Marcos T.

    Immune Shield

    In a world where healing yourself is almost considered a criminal offense, Trilogy Fungi offers an opportunity to be a rebel. We need more rebels in medicine. All hail the powerful mushroom. Thank you Trilogy Team for educating the masses on personal, medical sovereignty ❤️

    Jamie W.

    Trilogy Pack
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