Where are your mushrooms sourced?

We source our mushrooms from Organic suppliers right here in the United States.


Are your mushrooms organic?



Why do you use alcohol?

In order to properly extract all of the beneficial compounds in mushrooms you must use both water and alcohol. All of our tinctures are made with dual extraction.


Why are the tinctures different colors?

Different mushrooms have different colors and those colors leach into the extraction. When we blend these extractions together to create our product we get lots of various and fun colors.


Why would I want to take mushrooms?

Mushrooms have a huge range of health benefits. Each mushroom has its own set of helpful results. And a lot of mushrooms share the same beneficial qualities with one another. We like to group those mushrooms together and share them with you in our product! Take a look at the "about mushrooms” section on our website to learn more about the benefits of individual mushrooms.


Why are tinctures better than capsules?

When you extract the beneficial compounds into a tincture, you are concentrating the benefits of those mushrooms into a much more efficient delivery method. Tinctures allow you to use our product in a variety of ways, such as in drink, on food, or right out of the bottle. 


Why do you use fruiting body?

We decided to use the fruiting body of the fungi because for thousands of years mushroom savvy cultures utilize the fruiting body or the mushroom to guarantee results. When our product undergoes 3rd party testing we didn't want the results to be skewed by the presence of starch which is often found in mycelium based products. We look forward to incorporating mycelium to the product when we perfect a grain free mycelium cultivation method.